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Loving Life - Email from June 28, 2006

(Photo- August 15, 2020)

June 28, 2006

I was just outside holding council with the crescent moon and crickets beneath the Pecan tree who was the scribe of our heart songs. Meditating in the midst of such gorgeous incarnations brings me in touch with the ONE. I can taste the LIGHT in those subtle moments of RECOGNITION. I feel it within every fiber of my being. For indeed, GOD IS ALL THERE IS. As me, through me. As LIFE, through LIFE. After being indoors all day on a computer, like the hamster spinning madly in his wheel, my sweet little soul has to regain her energy by being immersed in nature. Whether it's my mother's garden or White Rock Lake, that I did earlier in the night, I have to get out in order to go deeper within. Modernity has it's absolute advantages. Don't get me wrong. I love the toys of this incarnation. I love the conveniences of air conditioning and indoor plumbing. I love the softness of my bed. I love the instantaneous communication via email or Instant Messaging with my iMac where I literally reach out and touch my best friend with a keystroke kiss. I love cell phones . I love car stereo and CDs that I blare to allow me to sing my heart out. I love making breakfast taquitos on my stove in the morning.I do love it. However...... Nature holds the keys to the kingdom within. Secrets locked in her layers. She really does. Without bragging or nagging. She is there to open me deeper into the Mystery. Not that GOD isn't the ipod. Because I do know it IS ALL GOD. But you know the feeling, watching a sunset has a different effect than watching a soap opera. Violet tank top, dangling purple Victoria Secret bra, baggy blue shorts along with my Nikes, hair in a pony tail, off went my little almost 43 year old incarnation to my favorite stomping ground near the Bathhouse at White Rock Lake. Driving there I watched this older gentleman in an even older car waiting for his right turn. A smile bigger than the horizon he was savoring an ice cream cone and his energy shot fireworks of such utter JOY. Life was GOOD for this guy. Rightfully so. GOD as the guy and the Vanilla cone. I paid attention to the attitudes and facial expressions of the GOD incarnations in my field of vision--people around or passing by--and all of the devices of this 3D realm. Soaking it all in. Knowing this is a fascinating journey. SPIRIT in many variations. Once at the lake I was immersed in the bikers and joggers, watched the tiny, white sailboats in the distance. Found a feather that I tucked in my hemp fanny pack. Ducks gathered in gossip, birds flocked on the telephone line for the last sun's hooray. I stopped in my tracks to marvel at this one bird with such elegant, extremely long V-shaped black and white tail. Exquisite. She moved to a closer pole so I could study her form. Then saw another fine, feathered couple just like that one (don't know the name) on another line above the African American couple all cuddled up on the bench beneath them. Love was definitely in the air. All sorts of shapes and sizes. Colors and textures. Hues of my human journey. Orange glow on the liquid, goddess' body, flushed faces of kissing lovers, fabulous feathered divas and their dashing suitors. Along the way another couple, both with big hair--really funny--was having their own drama which I often say save for the big screen. Oh, humans and creatures of all sorts of emotions and energies. I love to walk around like a camera. Zooming in and out. Capturing it in my mind as I walked the path. The fields are turning brown, a few daisies singing their last summer song. On my way back I was joyfully surprised to find tiny tomato plants growing in the fields. I don't know why that made me so happy. But the woman who walked passed me smiled at my ecstasy. In the distance I saw a sailboat in the middle of the lake fall to it's side and all of the others circle around it to make sure the people were fine. Compassion in the midst of relaxation. A coming together of ONE MIND in ONE HEART. Humans can be so beautiful at times. I settled on a bench far from the regular crowd and just savored it. The skyline in the distance, the different shapes of trees, the people passing by me. It was near the house that is mine but others are temporarily living in as the universe rearranges some molecules. No harm to wish so. :) I took many deep breaths in. Touched the tree next to me. Touched my heart. Touched my soul. I drove home in absolute bliss. The annoyances of the earlier part of my day passed through like the summer rains do. Gentle. Not harsh. Present. But not overpowering. Lingering thoughts tried to float to the surface but I skimmed them off. Feeling human and knowing I AM SPIRIT. I came home to conversations on the phone with former classmates and friends about Community Service, caught up with a dear college buddy, reached out to my friend of 20 years who is in LA. I remembered the crescent Moon so I went out to be mesmerized by her elegant presence. I was just in such an intimate mood. Sending love through my voice and thoughts and inhaling it with my heart. To live so present is to be so fulfilled. I was definitely in my GOD-zone. So I share. To remind you. To savor the smiles and sunsets. The people and passionate expressions of GOD in such myriad incarnations. To take the time to tell LIFE "I love you" and to love your life with every breath. Whether it is in the frustration of modern conveniences acting whacked out at work or in the pure JOY of being bathed in a tangerine auric bath serenaded by the crickets, just go out and savor it all. Thanks for being present to my musings. More adventures are on the way. Day by day. Breath by breath. Oh, sweet incarnation. Love you. Don't forget to wink at the Moon especially in her elegant, sensual crescent shape. Just gorgeous. She says the same about us. V. :)

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