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Adding Light In The Midst of Darkness

I've been walking around my tree house casita with the energy of the day and all that led to this situation at this time in our evolution, contemplating what is mine to do or say. Does it even matter?

I had coffee earlier with my nephew where we talked about so much that is happening now- especially today, what his generation is inheriting from misguided adults, the dreams he has and the gifts that must be shared in the world. All the ways I serve is for him and my other nieces and nephews so that they are safe and thriving and have a decent planet to live on - one that welcomes and supports all of the generations that will come after them. Really, that is my intention for a world that works for everyone.

I contemplate the following often as part of the peace service I provide -

What do people fear the most?

Suffering and dying.

Dying is inevitable - the release of this vehicle that houses our light and the personality that provides the textures, hues and dimensions of our journey. People will sometimes forget to live fully in the moment because of their fear of dying. Or they harm and kill so they think they will not be harmed or killed.

Some suffering can be mitigated or prevented through vows of right action and conscious awareness of choices. Some suffering is just inevitable with sickness, old age and death yet can still be met with compassion. Often times, hurt people hurt other people. They would rather you suffer than them or suffer as much as them or suffer with them. Fear is an interesting ring leader for the ego.

What do people want?

To be seen, to belong, to be loved, to have shelter, safety, prosperity for their needs to be met and to be able to express their inherent gifts.

The minute one group thinks their needs override the other group, then we see this perpetual cycle of suffering which is the stain of cultures. When someone's needs aren't being met, they lash out. The immense violence and suffering caused by this is recorded in the annals of humanity and encoded in the DNA of personal histories.

When one group tries to hoard wealth and resources while demeaning and diminishing anyone who is different, then they deny the Divine Inheritance of each group or person.

Throughout the ages, we have seen this battle of darkness and light, asleep and awake. Yet, consciousness is shifting and a new paradigm is arising. As painful as it all is, it is necessary for it to be in our faces at this time so we can deal with it - our shit as well as our ancestors.

On this seeming dark day, the shadows are being illuminated, rightfully so. The cobwebs of lower consciousness are being cleared out despite the expression of chaos.

Don't take the bait for hate. Do what you need to do to anchor in the moment without being swept by the tsunami of negativity. Violence perpetuates more violence.

It's as if the "demons " feed off of the chaos like hungry ghosts and stir the pot of the sleepwalkers. Unhealed and unskilled behavior runs rampant and perpetuates so much suffering and people become addicted to it like really bad Reality TV shows which are never real.

Attune to all that is arising within and collectively. Take a stand for social justice and equity. Demand transparency on all levels. Demand from yourself to examine your own shadows, fears and biases. Choose to do one small thing to compassionately support the larger vision for peace - from the inside-out. There is so much awakening even in the midst of the turmoil.

Take charge of your MIND. Only YOU can do that. Take charge of your CHOICES. Only YOU can do that. Tap into your HEART. Only YOU can do that.

Feel your feelings. Speak your word. Take positive action. Vote. Be active in Social Justice. Volunteer and donate locally as well as globally. Demand equity.

Dismantle White Supremacy and all of the toxic isms and phobias that are the lower common denominators of ignorance and fear perpetuated - systemic racism, homophobia, misogyny, religious violence, xenophobia, war, structural poverty, the constraints of conformity and capitalism on our education system that suffocates creativity, the stains of colonialism and authoritarianism that are weak egos masquerading as power, the rape and pillage of Mamma Earth that must be restored to Wholeness, etc. Choose ONE area to add your tithe talent, or time.

Something so simple as participating in the shift in consciousness will add to the collective good. That is the new 1%. The awakened ones where cooperation, compassion, community and connection transcends the old paradigm that is flailing on its deathbed. Bitching about it is not going to bring change. I'm not saying it's going to be easy and carefree. Nope. Birth is messy. Yet, birth will bring a beautiful new way of life into the world. Just as we plant an acorn to never sit under the shade of the Oak tree, all that we do is for those yet to come, a peace we may never experience fully but at least activated and participated in the conscious shift necessary.

We are more powerful when we are in alignment for a world that truly works for everyone.

Here is one thing you can choose to do. This isn't some hippie-dippy program. Its science based evidence of the power of the Intelligence of the heart.

I invite you to join me in this Global Coherence project by HeartMath Institute. One simple way to BE the change. At the end of your life, as you examine the trinkets and treasures you have collected, will you also bear witness to the Greater Good you supported through conscious, Divine Right Action.

"The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused love and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to compassionate care, cooperation and increasing peace. "

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