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Let It Begin With Me - 2017

Reignited by the brilliance of the Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, and her Inauguration Poem, "The Hill We Climb." I am sharing my last piece from a collaborative Season for Peace and Nonviolence event at Northaven United Methodist, Dallas, in 2017.

Let It Begin With Me

I heard the Dalai Lama say

“Engage with those right beside us”

I saw a young man

With a black hoodie on

That had a rainbow Buddha and a message

“We are HERE to heal, not to harm.

We are here to Love, not to hate.

We are here to create, Not to destroy.”

A Princess

From a galaxy far, far away


“Take your broken heart

And make art.”

Peace begins

Right where we are

We cannot meet the wounds of the world

With animosity

perpetuated projections

the dense fog of mistaken identity

that drapes our soul

in grey doubts

We cannot linger in global fear

Like a 3D hangover

While ignoring our own pain


Through introspection

Deep contemplation

We meet our shadows

In the fruitful darkness

Like the heavenly sapphire morning glories

Turning to the LIGHT

Awakening within.

“The wounded healers

Become leaders”

In an emerging paradigm

The seed of Peace

An idea that spirals upward

Is planted in the fertile soil …… Of paradox

We begin to SEE

There is no I

You or even we

There is simply


What if we

Met each other

Like unknown artists of our lives

Staring into the mystery

At the edge of a foggy dock

Surrendering to that which is Greater.

Instead of creating

Enemies of ideologies

What if we met in LOVE

Dreaming a new vision into being.

We are entangled

By our very

Quantum nature.


Cannot separate

Itself from Light.

Darkness is only

The theatrical backdrop

So the glory of constellations may shine


The intricate diamond web

That is LIFE.

Illusory power

Is Diminished

In One moment

Tasting Truth

Of the eternal fountain


The purification

Being called forth

Is not puritanical

Pure Awareness


Opening the gates of the heart

Where kindness leads

Courage speaks

A universal language

The power we seek

Is a disguise

For really

A desire

To meet GOD

In every encounter.

To discover the Master

That hides amongst us.

A new lens

to view the world in

kaleidoscope 5D is vital

Through deep listening

internal GPS

reveals that we are being activated

in the remembrance

of Wholeness.

When the piercing pain

Arises in the harsh circumstances

Of humanity

When we cannot imagine


That will come forth

Bearing witness to suffering


the kiss of the Infinite ONE

the healing balm

We are not turning

Our backs

To the cruel

Isms And phobias

Of Ego creations.

No….we meet

Every challenge

In every moment

With a FIRE

More potent

We simply


For one candle

illuminates a room

Dispels the darkness…………IGNITES a million flames.

Collective Compassion


The secret codes

Of the universe

Radiating from our heart

Luminosity of 10,000 Suns

dissolves the Veil of amnesia.

Myopic worldview

Is an oxymoron

We must remove the blinders of duality

To see ourselves

Within every

Person we meet

Within every custom and culture

We greet.

Social Healing

Begins by



Of shadow edges

Blades that softly cut


Of confusion

restoring the

Harmony of the Garden



One child

One word

One choice

We are the voice

to rise up….Together. ….

YES…it MUST begin with Me.

Alchemy of


Is Potent medicine

Elixir of awakening

I become acutely aware

That Omran Daquneesh

Is my 5 year old son

Syria is my home

Africa is my body

Iraq lives as my bones

Chicago pulsates as my heart

Dallas is where my breath starts

Standing Rock

Flows as my veins

Nasty Woman

Is not my name.


In every crevice

Of every story told

mere vapid ghosts

Of ancient accusations

Wrestling fear

Like Jacob and the Angel.

Where only LOVE prevails.

Collective memory

Haunts us

Collective wounding

Taunts us

It does not have to Stunt us

In this paradigm shift must

Always and only

First……Begin with ME.

I must look into the mirror… deep into my soul



Radical Forgiveness

For self

For other

Melts the layers revealing

“Back of what you are

and back of what I AM

is all that there IS.”

A mystic once whispered to the wind.

A seed from which a million forests live

As a dream

Cracks open

Transforming inner landscapes

Sculpting new ways of seeing and being

Love more

Not less

Dance more

Not less

Let go of confusion

Move to clarity

Let It Begin with me

More Mindfulness

Not less

More connection

Not less

Embrace joy in every moment

No matter how winding

The road may be.

We open our view

These 64 days

To a wider identity

From which

We belong

Beloved community

That begins with each

YES to a greater possibility.

Rumi reminds us


The Sun

Never says

“You owe me”

It shines unconditionally

Upon all of the earth and heaven

Tangerine sky

Announces the LIGHT of a new day.


Let my heart

Make art

May I serve

With Love

May I engage

With all of those

Beside me.

May my life

Be my message.

Because….. LOVE is what we are HERE FOR.

Veronica Valles

Season for Nonviolence Opening Ceremony

Northaven United Methodist


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