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Who is Veronica?

Veronica is a romantic, mystical Lover of Life. creating the alchemy of heaven on earth

through beauty, creativity, kindness & love.


Deeply mystical

Really practical


even when it means she releases all attachments to anything personal as painful as that has been.




Down to Earth.

Moving in Grooving in Joy.

She Lets Love Lead.



As an Ordained Minister for Centers for Spiritual Living and Peace Educator, through her Focus Ministry, Sacred Living, she provides secular mindfulness in the Dallas Independent School District as a Community Partner (Volunteer). 


She has been a catalyst of transformation in the culture and landscape of Victor H. Hexter Elementary from 2015-2020 empowering students, staff and parents to live their best lives through mindful living. She was the 2018-2019, Dallas Independent School District's Volunteer of the Year for Classroom Support for her work there.

She has served at several other schools positively affecting 1,000s of students and has provided Professional Developments and Executive Coaching for Educators.

Veronica offers her services as a Thought Leader and Speaker to various, local and national New Thought communities that has included communities in Texas - Dallas, Frisco, Irving, Arlington, Austin, Houston, Midland, along with Santa Fe,NM, Phoenix, AZ, Grand Junction, CO and Fort Collins, CO as well as Spoken Word performances for local, community and Interfaith events.  Veronica is here to unveil your Good and ignite you into your magnificence.


A gifted photographer, Veronica is blessed to be a conduit for capturing the essence of God and the dance of Light and shadows as she tangibly conveys to people these moments of Divine glimpses evoking the sacred.


If you are interested in booking Veronica for a Speaking Engagement or Mindfulness Facilitation, send a request on the front page submission form.

"You have the fire of a Pentecostal, the wisdom of a desert mother and the voice of a guiding mystic. Inspiration is your game." - Tom Green

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