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Lit Up

This earth vessel

Gives the illusion

Of density & darkness

As we stumble

Through ancestral amnesia

Rumors maliciously spread by patriarchy

As the sin of Eve

Oh, duality.

Falling from the sky

We are stardust

As Joni Sang

luminosity made manifest

in this dance of heaven on earth

our original essence

encoded in DNA

We have wandered for eons

Entrapped in dark corners

Of false indoctrination

Dead end streets of egoic defamations

Throwing shade at each other

Looking for ways

To let the Light in

Through self-imposed exile

From Love

The myths of separation

Blamed on getting kicked out

of the garden

Etched upon our innocent minds

Keep us stumbling in the shadows

Until something cracks us open

We dwell in the darkness

Drinking in disgrace

Until we realize

We have not been buried

But planted like a seed

To rise to the Sun’s face

Our roots must be deep

Resilience instilled

by the push and pull of the wind

Because we have forgotten

Our original nature

Pain is that jarred door

We use to push through

In exhaustion

So glimmers can sneak in

Rough edges of life

Scrape upon our psyche

Yet It doesn’t have

To be so dramatic

Although that seems to be

The game

We all play

The armor of excuses

Built upon Styrofoam power

3D quicksand of conformity

suffocates authenticity

Barricades us from the Truth

Feeding the false stories

Keep us tripping



If only we would simply pause

In the moment

Cherish the offerings before us









And more….

As the textures, hues, dimensions of our humanity

That express our divinity

Along this winding road

Called Earth.

Reach back into your memory

Those quiet moments

When time stood still

Even in the midst of chaos

when the gossamer veil appeared

the mist of silence enveloped you in Grace

the edge of your breath

met the farthest reach

of the Universe


For a moment

A brief glimpse

Of the Light

Annointing you


what was already there

Tuned in

Turned on


A kiss

A hello

An opening of a door

A hug

A smile

An ounce of respect

A sunset

A Butterfly

An outrageous burst of a child’s laughter

A storm

A dance

The exquisite caress of a lover

Moments that stir us out

Of the complacency of confusion

of the illusion

Into the Holy Awareness

Of the Presence

In the present

That’s when we remember

Love is the key

That opens all possibilities

Where pain is no longer the game

Connection requires compassion

IN clarity

We see the Divine Light

In each other’s eyes and smiles

In reverence

We bow

To the Infinite Love within

One another.

It’s not about letting Light IN

Or figuring out how it gets in

The revolving door is always there

On the altar of our heart

As Hafiz and Rumi remind us

Light in

Light Out

Never depleted

Or defeated

Source Energy infinitely


As a cascading waterfall of Truth


the secret code

of awakening

is this dance of reciprocity

heals the blindness

cures the dementia of divisions

keeps the heart open

so GOD can lean into us

Candles lit by each other’s tenderness

Illuminates the way

We are LIT UP

Like a firefly’s hiney

So bright

So shiny

As we begin to live in the wonder

and awe of each other

we are lit up from within

we rise up, like the flower that kisses the sky

we drop the tired, old stories

we finally see the Glory of the Divine

as ALL.

Veronica Valles

June 28, 2020

Inspired by Azure Antoinette's Prompt on Instagram - "That's How the Light Gets In" - @tellhersummit

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