Change Happens. Transformation is a Choice.

Photo: Agape Spiritual Center, Frisco, TX

Black and White Star in Circle

Visual Messenger of Light

Dance of Light & Shadows

Since having my first camera, a Canon A-1, at 16, I have been mesmerized and driven to capture the beauty of this world as well as the intricacies and complexties of the human journey.  I have a special connection with flowers, butterflies and dragonflies where they glow in my adoration as they whisper the secrets of the Universe through their beauty.


Upcoming Events

  • A Playful Pause
    Sun, Aug 08
  • Lean Into the Discomfort
    Sun, Jun 13
    If humanity is to awaken its Spiritual Magnificence and a World that Works for All, our discomfort must become our guru. Pain pushes until the vision pulls us. The power of forgiveness unleashes constricted energy into co-creative potentiality bringing us to the Eternal Now so we may live, move, an
  • Finding Refuge in the Voice of a Wildflower
    Sun, May 30
    Amid a pandemic that has forced many of us into isolation, depriving our need for connection, how do we realize we are not alone? Writer Natalie Goldberg says you have the sky, the trees, the birds with you always. In the deep stillness of solitude, can you hear the voice of the wildflower and find
  • Mindfulness:The Basics - At WellGrounded Coffee
    Wed, May 26
    Gain a basic understanding of mindfulness with some practical techniques for present moment awareness. Drink good coffee too.
  • Revolutionary Love
    Sun, May 09
    New Thought Northern Colorado - FB Live
    We are being called to a revolution in consciousness for the evolution of humanity. Revolutionary LOVE is the fire that ignites us for the collective change for the Greater GOOD.


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