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  • Veronica Valles

Wonder Woman Is A State of Mind

Wonder Woman is a state of mind.

Since the release of the movie in 2017, I have inspired many other women to embrace their Wonder Woman power through a service I did at Agape Spiritual Center (

Wonder Woman invites us to tap into Love, big Love, Real Love along with Grace, Wisdom and Wonder. The four themes of this movie continue to play out in my life in so many ways. The Power of Love is the most potent force of the Universe that is the essence of Wonder Woman's impenetrable strength.

As strong as I am (especially not being a demi-god but understanding the Divinity that expresses as my being) there have been days when grief was so heavy that I felt like I was walking in two worlds - the paradox of deep hurt, letting go, piercing disappointment and confusion that crippled logic while baiting my heart's intuitive knowing while at the same time experiencing the profound beauty and Wonder of the moment present before me while Grace held my hand and sweetly kissed and caressed my heart. This has been an experience of such profound awareness and softness for myself and compassion for someone else's journey. No need for the details for they are quite personal. Surrendering to something greater than me is the leap of faith as Diana lunged towards the tower.

The paradoxical dance I have been experiencing reminded me of Diana, Wonder Woman, in all that she saw in the depths of human suffering yet the profound beauty woven in every connection, conversation, being of service to the greater Good and slow dance with her Beloved underneath cascading snowflakes. Her power was only unleashed through unconditional LOVE.

Diana as the Divine Feminine archetype is a touchstone for me. It provides a critical component of standing in the larger Truth of the Divine Reality (LOVE is all there IS no matter what the world wants to tell us) while bearing witness to any and all human experiences, interactions and entanglements with the shadow - mine and others. It reminds me to radiate Love despite any twist or turn along the way and to maintain the vision of True Love, Deep Love present in every moment.

Indeed, that has been the key for me these last two years.

Wonder Woman.





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