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  • Veronica Valles


There is something deep within you that is more powerful than the stories you tell yourself.

Excuses are etched from the pain of the past, from lost innocence of your childhood because of unhealed and unskilled adults who imposed upon you their shadows that have haunted you all of your life. People you have encountered along the way are operating from an outdated system of pain patterns. Although challenging to not take it personally, examine with deep Love what is behind the Wizard of Oz curtain of conditioning. See how their pain body wrestles with yours until you are willing to let it all go. Take note where your projections and false expectations have tainted the pure awareness of the gift present in the moment.

Styrofoam fear contains you until you awaken with one new thought, one new choice, to a new way of seeing and being. The container of conditioning and control is crushed as millions of doubts explode into the revelation of your Light. Left along the ancient pathways of your ancestors, fear no longer stops you from taking that one step forward even with uncertainty by your side. That one movement, wrestling with the darkness, then cracks the seed open to allow the Light to penetrate it into the most sacred yes.

Power is not of this Earth plane or the ego machinations that perpetuate doom, gloom and suffering. Power is not about control of others or trying to maintain a perfect life. Insidious are those lies that keeps us chasing the golden goose of materialism that is not true wealth. Uncover the greatest secret woven in the mystical poetry through the ages - LOVE is all that there IS.

The Power of LOVE is the Presence revealing itself through the crevices of a broken heart, evaporating slowly the weight of disappointment, smoothing the edges that cut you into pieces only to reveal the rawness of your essential nature and rising through the mud to bloom despite it all.

Behind the smile is the emptiness of longing, grief that walks with you, that can only be filled with the Beloved's embrace who will wrap its arms around you and whisper the haiku of the Holy Now.

The shards of broken promises do not need to be glued again. No. Melt them all. Let them dissolve into their nothingness. Create a new vase of a vision where LOVE leads and new dreams are poured into your being. Draw from the well of wonder and be a magnet of magnificence and see who arrives to join you in this ecstatic dance of Heaven as Earth.

Even in the midst of the mud, the pain and sorrow, always is that golden vein of LOVE threading it all into a deeper realization of the POWER of the present moment and the perfection of it all despite appearances. It is what makes us so alive. Gather your Beloveds in this sacred feast of Light. Welcome the shadows as the textures of your humanity but in full awareness that they hold no power over you. They are merely the onyx backdrop for your Light to shine.

Provoked by your soul into awakening, you must rise into the Truth of who you are. When

you look into the mirror, see only GOD. When you look at others, see only GOD. Then and only then will you truly embody what POWER is - LOVE made manifest.

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