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  • Veronica Valles


Blank slate arises as the Sun peeks its way over the horizon.

A new day.

In every moment is a new morning, arrival of emptiness that we then co-create into form with every choice.

What if I greeted each breath as a spring, pink flamingo sunrise kiss? How would my day flow?

What if my mind emptied itself of all attachments and let go like the autumn breeze that nudges clinging leaves into their next expression?

What if I truly knew that all I have is this holy NOW, would I arrive in every moment prepared to be overwhelmed in the wonder, beauty and awe of the banquet that lays before me? Would I partake of paradise and offer it to LOVE?


Edges of tomorrow created by thoughts of each encounter with time although the timeless can never be contained.


Fueled by prayers - Gratitude and Grace - my juice for the day.

Awaken dear ones, to the precious gift called Life.

See with eyes that see only GOD.

Listen with ears that only hear hymns of the sacred ONE.

Taste the delicacies of TRUTH.

Touch with the caress of a lover each thought.

Smell the fragrance of each moment whose perfume sends you in utter ecstasy.

Drunk with the Light, radiate your luminous being into every darkened crevice that has forgotten the mysteries passed down generation to generation through the whispers of the wind.





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