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  • Veronica Valles

Lean Into the Light

During the darkest moments of your life, always remember to lean into the Light.

When sadness and confusion take over like walking pneumonia, where you seem to function moment to moment but deep down inside something is just not right, move out of your ego and into the flow of Divine Love.

"This too shall pass," remind yourself as difficult emotions arise from challenges and change. The seasons flow without arguing with each other. There is a tempo of the rhythmic dance of the Divine that expresses in the cosmos. As above, so below.

Move out of your mind and into your heart. For the kingdom of heaven lies within.

Touch the earth to remember to stay grounded. Lean back to receive the Light and open your heart. Through it all, just know the Highest Good is unfolding even though it may be a distant turn in the future that reveals it.

Trust. Always trust.

Choose. Always choose for your best life.

Pause into this moment.

Lean into the Light.

Let Love Lead.

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