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  • Veronica Valles

G5 - Your Real Power

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

In this technological society of Atlantean proportions, we zoom zoom in what we think is a powerful tool of communication - the upcoming 5G network. Our real power lies in the reality of the Presence that is GOD and how we navigate our human experience understanding our Divine nature.

While walking the other day, I was contemplating all of the change in my life. I was thinking of my nieces and nephew who left for college and the void that created. I miss our coffee runs and talks on my mother's swing in the backyard. There is change and uncertainty at work that puts everything on the line for me. A residual heartache since last February over a very personal issue that has felt so surreal yet was the greatest gift in my life walks with me daily. I am watching my parents age and notice the shift in my mother's health and there is an ache every time she sleeps in wondering if it was her last night here. It will arrive one day but always praying, "not yet." I contemplate my father's difficult childhood and how it has haunted him all of his life and will he ever discover inner peace.

Through this human experience, I am always anchored in the Divine Reality as Light shapeshifts into form and our lives meander through the twists and turns of being on this 3D planet. I have always been a metaphysical, mystical mutt - a GOD gal who embraces the Divine Feminine in this lifetime.

I thought of the 5G network of my personal evolution - Grief, Grace, Gratitude, Generosity and GOD. A network of awakening.

Grief follows me daily. It is subtle, sitting to my right, tapping on my heart here and there to remind me of the changes. Grief is about LOVE yet it is saturated in attachment which is why we feel loss. This is the human experience that is a catalyst for growth. It is a necessary reminder of the impermanence of life. It smacks us awake into the present moment. It shakes us to the core of our being so we awaken to the deepest truth of life...that LOVE is what we are here for.

How do we navigate grief with skillful means?

Simply by being present.

As I presence each moment, I tune into the DIVINE PRESENCE that reveals itself as the following......

Grace arrives. A golden, cascading Light gently caresses my soul and psyche, adding ease to any of the distress. It arrives as a messenger - a butterfly, a brief encounter with a student, a sudden flash of a positive memory that sparks an inner Joy, or a sweet message. Grace holds my hand and rubs my back when I am on the floor in tears. She reaches her hand out and lifts me up from my bed when the heartache feels so heavy or uncertainty wants to deter me. She helps wipe off all of the dust and debris of difficult emotions that knocked me down and cleanses the disbelief of challenging encounters into diamonds of wisdom. With a sweet kiss, she scoots me out the door to embrace the fullness of Life - again and again and again.

Gratitude is my inner GPS - GOD Positioning System - that opens my eyes and heart to the Good in the moment. When I pause and look around and see exquisite beauty dancing before me, gratitude unfolds. When I can thank the person that I love deeply for those poetic moments of two souls dancing in Real Love despite the reversal of direction because of unfortunate circumstances and timing (even though I know it was a Divine Apppointment), I move out of ego and into my heart listing all that blessed me as I blessed them. My heart has grown 10,000x because of all of it. When I recognize what a a gift it was to be present for my nieces and nephews, I was grateful for an illness that brought me home to true wealth in being an integral part of their childhood. Gratitude dissipates the fog of amnesia and with laser precision illuminates the treasures of each moment. It moves us out of our Cirque de Soleil monkey mind and anchors us in our heart and Good Groove.

Generosity is the giving from the pure awareness of the Indwelling Presence. In this reciprocal dance of LIFE, as I give, I receive and it's all the ways that LOVE shows up. I don't do it for the receiving though. It's for the pure Joy of giving - of being a beneficial presence in Life, of circulating LIGHT in the world, of lifting someone else's life into the recognition of their GOOD. Generosity of time, kindness, attention, abundance, awareness, service and more literally makes the world lighter and brighter.

GOD - The Divine, the Allness, the Oneness, LIGHT and LOVE made manifest as form. Whatever your touchstone of TRUTH IS, turn to it, tune withIN. Truly, it is all that ever IS and ever will BE. My spiritual practice attunes me to the only Real POWER that there is - the DIVINE. As I awakened from the dream of duality and place my attention on the Beloved, the HOLY ONE, my life is infused with a pure awareness and potent energy that sustains my earthly experience.

As I tune into my 5G, I emerge wiser, stronger, richer, kinder and more compassionate.

This Earth journey is a real trip. A saunter around the ego into the heart and the soul of LOVE. No matter what reveals itself, I get to choose my response and my experience.

Find your Real Power. Stand in the GOOD. Radiate LIGHT everywhere you are. Always tune into GOD, the ONE SOURCE, the ONE POWER, the ONE PRESENCE that dances in, through and AS all of LIFE.

5G - Grief, Grace, Gratitude, Generosity and GOD. Being present to what IS has made my life wealthier on so many levels and has grown me in ways that I am so deeply grateful to uncover my Essential Nature that is LOVE made manifest. That is true POWER.

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