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  • Veronica Valles

Finding the Good

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

The clarity of the lens of your perception opens the avenues of your reception. When you are looking for the GOOD, you will find it in the trinkets and treasures of life.

Our brains are wired for remembering the negativity in its ancient method of keeping us safe. Our ancestors that ran from the saber tooth tiger and survived had fear hard wired in their DNA that is passed onto us to run like Forest Gump at the slightest twinge of discomfort. Unless there is a tiger in the room or you are facing some life threatening situation, you are not going to die any time soon. Current research reveals that we can re-groove it all by focusing on the Good.

Positive Psychology is the newest frontier of research discovering all that us Pollyanish folks knew to be true - shine a Light on the positive instead of just dwelling on what is not working and you will create neural connections that support resilience. Where you place your attention, energy flows, your life grows.

I know I have oversimplified the research but it is true. Take a look at where your mind wanders. Does it jump off the edge of avoidance from pain because vulnerability is too much or do you stand in the fire knowing GOOD comes of it in the end such as wisdom, clarity, love and understanding?

So many people are afraid of making difficult decisions to experience Real LOVE because they fear vulnerability and the unknown. They rely on past, negative experiences to keep them "safe" even though they are in survival mode and crashing in fear and anxiety which is debilitating. If only they could stand in the vulnerability of the possibility, claim their Good, move forward in courage by laying down stepping stones of conscious choices one breath at a time and look for the Good that is revealing itself and chose it, then and only then will their life transform. Staying stuck in the muck, hiding underneath the covers of complacency will only perpetuate suffering for oneself and others involved.

Like a Sunflower, you lean into the LIGHT and you will glow and grow. Experiences grow our roots and deepen our trust that there is something Greater operating in our lives leading us. As we consciously use the Creative Intelligence that is LIFE, we will co-create the reality that we truly have been dreaming of and deserve. We must be willing to take that leap of freedom into the void, the unknown and trust.

Today, practice the simple art of affirmations. Take a positive phrase and make it your mantra. The late Author and spiritual teacher, Louise Hay, was the queen of this and inspired millions of lives. On my desk, I have this one card that greets me every morning,

"I experience love wherever I go. Love is everywhere and I am loving and lovable. Loving people fill my Life, and I find myself easily expressing love to others."

A potent reminder to live in LOVE and to know LOVE is always available. With the lens of LOVE, I find the GOOD.

Go on an adventure. Find the GOOD. Praise it. See how your life blooms beautifully.

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