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  • Veronica Valles


If only I could let go

as gracefully as you


standing beneath the Moon

in devotion to the luminous ones above

wind caressing last remnants of clinging

vulnerability exposing the Truth

of impermanence

nothing seems to really be

as we perceive

Deep beneath the surface

your roots are strong

absorbing nutrients, water and more

Standing tall

despite the tornadoes that blew through

the pounding of rain

when it's in such a mood

You bear witness to my heart

inhaling my grief

transmuting it to a new breath

that I take in between the sorrow

to restore love

Hidden beneath all of the emotions

laying low

so the promise of Spring

hums beneath the layers

of this year's growth

are the secrets of the Light

Beautiful one

guardian of this Earth

I bow in deepest gratitude

for your willingness

to stand naked

so I learn to let go

with such GRACE

awaken into a new Spring

that is promised

in the "fruitful darkness"

of Winter.


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